Adam Demos

Adam Demos (born May 24, 1985) is an Australian actor. He is best known for his role as Jake Taylor on the Netflix film Falling Inn Love, August Walker on the American television series Unreal and Brad in the Netflix series Sex/Life.

Adam Demos was born in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. He attended Tarrawanna Public School and graduated from Dapto High School in 2003. While he was interested in acting at an early age, he first worked as a construction laborer in his father’s demolition business, the Wollongong steelworks, a roofing company and also in Bondi’s Hotel Ravesis. Demos enrolled in an acting class at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School when he was 23, but was worried his friends would mock him so kept it a secret. “I told them all I was working overtime because I didn’t want my mates knowing I was trying acting because it was so foreign to all of us” he told The Daily Telegraph. In an interview, he said that his mother was the one who searched for the drama school in Sydney.

In 2012, Demos played the role of ‘Solo Man’ in the iconic advertising for the Australian soft drink brand. Demos previously played small roles in Australia when his big break came. In 2017, Demos was cast to play Nate Baldwin in the ABC Australia drama Janet King. On the set, Demos found out about a role in Hollywood explicitly written for an Australian actor. He got the gig and flew to Vancouver to start filming the third season of Lifetime’s UnREAL. Demos stated that it was a confusing experience filming UnREAL, his first international production, as it was a TV show within a TV show.

In 2019, Demos starred opposite Christina Milian in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love which was shot in New Zealand. In 2020, Demos filmed the Netflix series Sex/Life, inspired by the book 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, in Toronto, Canada. Demos was cast in the show with the help of Stacy Rukeyser, whom he had worked with on UnREAL and was the showrunner for Sex/Life. To prepare for the scene where he sings Heartbeats, Demos took singing and guitar lessons. Discussing the sex scenes in the show, Demos said, “We would have an intimacy coordinator and everyone would speak about it and their comfort levels. You would rehearse it so much that by the time you did it, it was a lot more comfortable than you’d assume. You discuss everything: hand movements, everything down to the breath. In sex scenes, the breathing is an emotional thing, so you’re discussing that journey, but then you’re also discussing each individual’s comfort level”. His full frontal nude scene in the series went viral on social media platforms.